FOCUS Innovations Launches its New Putting Aid

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The name says it all. FOCUS – ‘Putt Amazing’ is the new putting aid that is perfect for achieving the putting stroke that we all have dreamed about. Focus Innovations zeroed in on the bio-kinetics of the most efficient and connected putting motions in the world and developed an incredible putting device.

Practicing with the FOCUS will organize all the movements of the stroke to one small place of the body. PGA coach/inventor Mark Diley calls this spot the ‘Master Mover.’ When the moment arrives to roll a putt, you launch and control the stroke with your Master Mover, with the added benefit of a streamlined thought process.

Several PGA National Teachers of the Year and numerous PGA Section Teachers of the Year will employ the FOCUS in their instructional programs for the 2017 season.

Wayne DeFransesco, former PGA Professional National Champion, with numerous teaching awards has endorsed the FOCUS stating, “The thing about the FOCUS is that it simplifies the action of moving the putter back and forth. After you aim, the ball is going to go right on that line. You just want the simplest thoughts in your brain. It really gets my students in a groove.”

As Mark Diley, PGA coach/ inventor explained, “Anyone that owns a putter has searched for the best way to get better, but most aids are ground based in their approach. Our research shows that when core area of the body takes charge, the arms and shoulders and putter react with remarkable accuracy. We moved away from ‘ground up’ learning approach, and simply reversed it, to a ‘top down’ concept.”

The FOCUS custom adjusts to any putting style and putter grip. Fast and easy to use, place the FOCUS at the sternum under the chest muscles; then pull the putter and FOCUS up and in. If you stay connected while stroking, wrist action will magically disappear once and for all. The FOCUS works for whether you are right or left handed and is also ergonomically friendly for men and women.


Focus Innovations has revolutionized training by being the first company to introduce the ‘VizaDial’…a cutting-edge feature that allows the player to precisely match the arm swing to the core body rotation. And for the first time in golf, a way for ‘Lag’ in the stroke to be revealed and displayed with Live Feedback for the player or instructor.

Learn more about the FOCUS—Putt Amazing and how it transforms putting strokes.