Swing By Swing Product Review

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Chris Chaney from Swing by Swing recently reviewed Focus Putt Amazing Training Aid. Here are a few snippets of what they had to say.

  • FOCUS Putt Amazing works to create that confident stroke by making a literal connection between the player and the putter, which intuitively results in a smooth and stable putting stroke.
  • The FOCUS Putt Amazing comes in some cool packaging and opens to present a few heavier-than-expected pieces.
  • Assembly takes less than five minutes and attaches as simply to any putter regardless of size.
  • The connection mentioned above between your putter and your body becomes literal.
  • Immediately, the main advantage this training aid provides is evident. If you can create this kind of solid, repeatable putting stroke enough with the FOCUS Putt on your club.
  • While the stable version of the FOCUS Putt amazing does everything you’d expect a normal training aid to do, the VIZADIAL circle that sits at the bottom of the anchor provides another level of feedback.
  • Sometimes training aids force you to stay in the proper position given their rigid design, which helps with muscle memory, but once the aid is gone, old bad habits can sneak back in. The FOCUS’ VIZADIAL provides a bridge between the training aid being locked in and putting on the course with no aid at all.
  • The FOCUS Putt Amazing does a good job of creating that connected feeling between your body, your arms and your putter. The VIZADIAL provides a great alternative between the training aid being on the club and being out on the course without anything to give feedback.

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